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Nontium - Invisible Travel Waist Pack for Security

Nontium - Invisible Travel Waist Pack for Security

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Travel smart with Nontium's invisible waist pouch. Designed for safe passport and money storage, this hidden belt bag is an ideal gift for secure, hassle-free journeys.


  • Main Material: PP (Polypropylene)
  • Item Type: Waist Packs
  • Model Number: Invisible Travel Waist Packs
  • Commonly Known As: Fanny Pack
  • Also Referred To As: Bags
  • Waist Pack: Known in some regions as "Riñonera"
  • Item Length/Name: Invisible Travel Waist Packs
  • Belt Bag: In some areas, referred to as "Riñonera Mujer"
  • Waist Bag: Commonly termed as Bag
  • Strap Drop: Invisible Travel Waist Packs
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